Our Services

We provide a comprehensive data collection and analysis service to traffic engineers and transport planners. We have over 300 cameras, 50 radar/tube ATC units, topo survey, video editing and collision analysis teams. We go far beyond delivering just raw data to provide more of a consultancy service, including analysis, drawings and video highlights.

Our Services

What we can do for you

Video surveys

We offer many services, including: pedestrian origin/destination, red/green man compliance, desire lines, waiting times, near misses, incidents, behaviour, parking, bus delay, ANPR, and standard counts.

Collision Analysis

Accurate collision data is vital for road safety schemes. However the data is often patchy and difficult to understand. We have developed an industry leading product called Advanced Collision Plot.

Topo surveys

We use the latest surveying data capture equipment to provide a comprehensive range of topo surveys. to enable engineers to design accurately. 

Advanced Collision Plot

ACP is our unique graphical representation of how and where collisions have occurred to aid engineers/planners in the design process. Unlike other automated programs such as Key Accidents, this is a labour intensive manual process that uses every piece of data from stats19 collision records to simply summarise all key information on one drawing. Accurate road safety data is vital for designing out collision issues. We believe that there is no substitute for painstakingly analysing each collision and the site in detail. We would be delighted to come to your offices or to show you more.