Advanced Collision Plot (ACP)

Collision data in the UK is recorded via the STATS19 system either by the police on site, at a police station, or self completion. The data is difficult and time consuming to understand, particularly when reviewing large numbers of collisions and it can also contain errors and contradictions. There are automated programs such as Key Accidents that plot the locations of collisions however these only use limited data from the file and thus cannot be relied upon for accuracy. In addition cross referencing to the original file is required. We believe this causes the data to be undervalued as knowledge of Key Accidents and the STATS19 file is required to understand the report. 

Place Surveys undertake full analysis of STATS19 collision records in conjunction with reviewing the site to produce a graphical record of collisions that contains all key data. There is no need to cross reference to another file as a single, simple drawing is produced. Where there are inconsistencies in the data we use engineering judgement to plot the most likely scenario and where data is unknown we simply say this. There are also filters on the drawing for different modes and these can be tailored to the client's needs. We would be delighted to come to your office to present the benefits and quality of ACP.