Place Surveys can provide these key services

Traffic and pedestrian counts

By camera and manually. We identify the peak hours for the whole junction and individual movements and display all information graphically. We offer a modelling package which incorporates all requirements such as saturation flows etc for LINSIG, TRANSYT and microsimulation.

Gender and age analysis

Full male/female and age classification with any topic

Pedestrian delay surveys

How long do people wait to cross the road? Our assessment methodology measures headway, lead and gap acceptance times.

Vehicle positioning surveys

Detailed analysis of how drivers position their vehicles at junctions and on links to determine if they are using the fill width of carriageway and help assess possibilities for redesign.

Collision Analysis Surveys

Interrogation of collision statistics to look for trends and clusters as well as a basis of before and after lessons learnt analysis. We combine detailed analysis of stats 19 data with site surveys to cross correlate and ensure accuracy of data. Our new product Advanced Collision Plot is leading the industry in this field.

Activity surveys

We analyse pedestrians to assess and categorise their purpose in the place, whether it be work, play, meeting friends, homeless etc, anything. Vital data for town planners

Disabled user surveys

We can categorise and pick out more vulnerable road user such as mobility and visually impaired and determine how they use the street

Cycle movement surveys

Counts and observations of how and where cyclists are moving to determine how best to cater for them

Origin-Destination surveys

For vehicles or pedestrains using the latest technology. We use a combination of videos surveys, ANPR and manual observations.

Street Inventories

We carry out assessments and produce plans showing all signs, markings and street furniture along a route.

Topographical Surveys

We offer both full and a customisable ‘no frills’ service

All vehicle count surveys (except ATC) conducted through manual counting to 95-98% accuracy levels on samples over 100 units.